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Don’t Live With Animal Feces and Filth — Let Our Experts Help

Out of control at-home animal situations can lead to a buildup of feces and filth, making for unsafe and hazardous living conditions. Animal waste can harbor a variety of diseases, so if you, a friend, or a relative are living among these hazardous and harmful conditions, seeking professional help is of the essence. At Waste Trauma & Filth, we have years of experience providing animal waste clean up in Cincinnati and throughout other major midwestern cities. Our certified cleaning and remediation technicians adhere to safe and effective industry practices to effectively clean, disinfect, and deodorize spaces affected by animal waste. Contact us today to schedule an animal waste cleanup assessment.

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Our Animal Waste Cleaning Services Include

  • Free in-home assessments

  • Tailored, comprehensive plan to eliminate urine, feces, and other animal waste

  • Disposal of materials deemed non-salvageable due to animal waste exposure

  • Use of specialized equipment to treat affected areas

  • Elimination of foul odors that accompany pet waste and decomposition

  • Complete cleaning and disinfection of salvageable materials

Why Hire Professionals for Animal Waste Cleanup

Unattended waste, such as accumulated piles of feces and urine-soak flooring and drywall, left behind from animals can transmit viral diseases. The bacteria within animal excretions can be hazardous from direct contact and can also negatively affect the air quality inside a home when airborne. Unless you’re dealing with a small amount of animal waste from a family pet, excessive animal waste cleaning should be left to the professionals.

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Our Animal Waste Cleanup Approach

Whether hazardous messes are caused by family pets or wildlife and critters that have taken up residence in the attic, basement, or within the walls of a home, animal waste cleanup decreases the risk of being exposed to hazardous materials. At Waste Trauma & Filth, our team follows set protocols and standards to clean, disinfect, and deodorize areas within homes that have been affected by unattended animal waste. We possess the protective gear and cleaning equipment to get the job done quickly and safely, so our clients can resume life with a refreshed beginning.

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Refresh Your Living Space With Animal Waste Cleanup

Whether your home, or the home of a friend or a loved one, has become unsafe and hazardous due to animal waste, don’t delay in getting professional help. At Waste Trauma & Filth, our team is ready to handle any animal feces and waste cleaning job quickly, discreetly and with compassion. Contact us today to learn more information or to schedule an assessment with an experienced technician.

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